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I’m Shanelle, a Brand Strategist and I own The Brand Hustler LLC. My company focuses on helping women with product-based businesses in the fashion & beauty spaces establish and expand their brands. I mainly offer strategy sessions, one-on-one coaching, and electronic products. However, there’s one stem of business that is near and dear to my heart; this stem is called The eHustle Club.


Created in February 2020, this virtual membership program combines accountability with resources to help women propel in their entrepreneurship journey. The club currently boasts about 250 members who want to gain the branding knowledge needed to launch or improve their businesses. In addition to this, we invite guest speakers on entrepreneurial topics to ensure the ladies gain insight on a plethora of business areas.


This year, we’d like to scale the program to 700 members, as well as launch a secondary program. As the Community Manager, you will be the glue to the program(s) as we scale.

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, here are some quick facts:

  • I’m an advocate for investing in your business. No campaign or idea is too big for us to accomplish. It’s ‘Go Big or Go Home’ all 2021 (and beyond!)

  • I am introducing an intensive group coaching program, which you will be a part of (hint: this is my secondary program).

  • The ladies in The eHustle Club are amazing and deserve top-notch lessons and resources.

  • I’m going through a rebuild, rebrand and relaunch phase that is going to skyrocket my business so brace yourself to think big.

  • Having fun is extremely important, please don’t think basic (my personality is too big for that).

  • I am very creative and social media savvy (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube). Hopefully, we’re two peas in a pod!


Sound like you? This role will start at 40 hours per month and scale up as we grow (which tends to be pretty quick!) Experience working as a leader in some aspect is required. Bonus points if you’ve facilitated a group before!

Shanelle, I’m loving this. What do you need me to do?

Thanks for asking! Here are some of the day-to-day tasks you can expect:

1. Group Management & Membership Process

  • Facilitating group discussions by engaging with members in GroupMe and Facebook group.

  • Enforcing group rules and community best practices in group chat.

  • Proactively scanning group chat and online dashboard for important questions and concerns.

  • Updating roster frequently to keep group chat members and group email list current.

  • Monitoring and Improving current on-boarding process (what happens when someone joins).

  • Creating and Monitoring an off-boarding process (what happens when someone leaves).

  • Assisting with executing member events and gift initiatives.

eHustle Club.png

2.  Reporting

  • Monitoring KPIs to ensure program success and growth.

  • Generating reports on the membership club’s unsubscribes, subscribes, retention rate, etc.

  • Maintaining accurate and updated profiles on all members (attendance, achievements, personal information, etc.)

3. Marketing and Admin. Tasks

  • Managing most aspects of The Brand Hustler LLC’s virtual programs.

  • Brainstorming and planning creative growth and promotional strategies.

  • Using social media to promote The eHustle Club to increase membership.

  • Updating Teachable dashboard with class videos and e-learning content.

  • Utilizing reports to game plan for upcoming months and quarters.

  • Using email marketing and creative tactics to promote The eHustle Club’s affiliate program.

4. Guest Speaker Coordination

  • Scouting industry experts who would be a perfect fit for The eHustle Club.

  • Pitching to guest speakers via email and social media to show value in speaking to the club. Coordinating with guest speakers to decide on dates, gather bio info, and run through equipment testing.

  • Providing the guest speaker with materials to promote their expert session.

  • Assisting with guest speaker gift selection, purchase and mailing.


  • You are the organizational queen (or king!). You have a folder for everything and love order.

  • You are a people’s person. You thrive off of energy and know that doing one thing can impact someone’s life.

  • You’re an answer finder. You don’t wait around for answers to your questions, you research the answers.

  • You’re an excellent communicator. You know how to get your point across, while being polite.

  • You have what it takes to be a leader. You believe in a strong team and know how to lead one.

  • You have a background in marketing, public relations, business management or program management.

  • You learn extremely fast. It’s not hard for you to become an expert at something.

  • You’re the social media maven. You know all of the trends within days of its release.

  • You’re fun and social! When outside shut down, you were the first to coordinate a Netflix party with your friends.

Are you the one?

Applications due April 16, 2021


I’m Shanelle and I’m a Brand Strategist. More specifically, I help women with product-based businesses establish and expand their brands. A part of my secret sauce is coming up with an action plan to elevate a business’ visual branding (i.e., web design, logo design, social media branding).


However, I quickly learned that I couldn’t do it all, so I created an agency filled with top-notch designers, illustrators, and editors.  My Adobe Creative Cloud training, Shopify expertise, and coding knowledge has allowed me to design stunning websites for clients, but now I’m growing rapidly and need your help!

If you’re still reading this, it means you may want to join the team, so here are some quick facts:

  • I’m a HUGE visionary. I push for out-of-the box creative elements with every design the agency creates.

  • I am super hyper when it comes to creating an impact for my clients. And I can say the same for my team, design excites us.

  • Our team is the bomb! We communicate via meetings, email and Asana. My goal is to add people to the team that match our energy and expertise.

  • Our parent company, The Brand Hustler LLC is going through a rebuild, rebrand and relaunch phase that is going to skyrocket both businesses so brace yourself for the growth.


Does this sound like the perfect fit? This role will start at 4 website design projects per month and scale up as you get the hang of things! Experience with Shopify is required! Experience with Wix would be lovely. Bonus points if you’re a graphic designer by trade.

Shanelle, I’m loving this. What does the job entail?

Thanks for asking! Here are some of the day-to-day tasks you can expect:

1. Website Setup & Management

  • Creating site maps and visual layout outlines for each website design project.

  • Setting up Shopify accounts (sometimes Wix) using our Partner dashboard or requesting access to existing accounts.

  • Installing and setting up apps related to specific website design projects.

  • Minor coding of existing custom themes to create a unique website look.

  • Adjusting navigational options and page layouts to ensure user-friendliness.

  • Making occasional updates to internal company websites.


3. Project Management

  • Updating Asana and other project management boards with your design progress.

  • Ensuring client satisfaction by making yourself readily available during the 30-Day technical period.

  • Recording website walkthrough and tutorial videos to deliver to clients.

  • Troubleshooting minor technical website issues for clients.

  • Working with Graphic Designers to complete joint projects.


2.  Website Creation & Design

  • Going above and beyond simple photo placement by designing modern, hip, and trendy website imagery (banners, collection images, etc.).

  • Implementing Brand Style Guide delivered to you by Head Graphic Designer.

  • Working with graphic designers to create advanced imagery.

  • You’re a Shopify Superstar! You know Shopify like the back of your hand making you the go-to for all Shopify questions.

  • You have graphic design software experience. Meaning you know what elements are included in great design!

  • You have some experience in Wix and can create a site on Wix from time to time.

  • You have good organizational skills and know how to meet deadlines (preferably early).

  • You’re an answer finder. You don’t wait around for answers to your questions, you research the answers.

  • You’re an excellent communicator. You know how to get your point across, while being polite.

  • You thrive as a team player but know how to dominate in your zone of genius.

  • You live for design. It is your passion. Designing for others puts a smile on your face and warms your heart.

Education and Experience

  • Technical Certification or Degree in Graphic Design, Website Design, or related field preferred, but not required.

  • Must have proof of past work. Such as a portfolio or website.

  • Please apply with a portfolio link to past work. Only apply if you can design similar to or better than the following client examples: and


Are you a bomb website designer?

Applications due April 16, 2021